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Pepe Coin - NO DEVS 100% COMMUNITY DRIVEN 100% decentralized built by ppl for teh ppl DEV IS GONE, HE SOLD FOR PENAUTS AND HE KILLED HIMSELF After the jeet dev sold all of his tokens in a very short time, the project dropped to a $80k MC. Since our investments went down over 95%, some top whales sent me private messages to try and revive PEPE COIN and its community somehow. Because we knew the contract was perfect and nobody could modify it, we decided to push PEPE COIN hard with the help from these surviving frogs. We succeeded and managed to completely reverse the trend by starting a new community and pushing it forward continuously! And keep calm, jeet dev sold all everything he had in his possession. Enjoy this community driven and 100% decentralized token with no devs, no exchanges, no big influencers and further risks! Built by teh ppl for teh ppl! COMMUNITY IS THE OWNER NOW! BUY PEPE COIN ON UNISWAP 0% TAX LP BURNT FOREVER LISTED ON CMC DEXTOOLS UPDATED CA RENOUNCED NO EXCHANGES NO BIG INFLUENCER NO DEVS

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May 10th 2023


May 5th 2023
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