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🎄🎁"A Christmas present from the SAFU team"🎁🎄 💠SAFU Santa (SSanta)'s goal is to help you learn & improve your knowledge of cryptocurrencies through the new trend "Quiz to earn-NFT game". SAFU Santa provide Defi wallet with special security solutions to protect your assets, also automaticly analyze data for you to make more accurate judgments for investment decisions. 💠SAFU Santa project includes: - NFT game : Users can buy NFT to join the "Quiz to earn game", choose to upgrade NFT equipment or refer friends to the game to receive rewards - DEFI Wallet : Special DEFI wallet with two-factor authentication, get confirmation code via phone number or email to confirm before transactions is completed, protect your assets. (Beta Test on our Website) - Data analysis: Analyze transaction data on Dapp with tokens that you have approved, providing top profit parameters, holding rate, helping you to track outstanding profitable wallet addresses, warning when risk is anticipated - DEX-Swap : in-app decentralized exchange, Synchronize with your wallet, increase the security

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December 12th 2022


December 7th 2022
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