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$HUGO Honey Badger is the most feared meme token on the ETH blockchain. Hugo is a badass with endless meme possibilities. Have you seen honey badgers in action? They are fearless, relentless, and have been known to destroy the most deadly animals on the planet. Hugo also eats pesky frogs and dogs that get in his way. $HUGO taxes are 4% Buy and 4% Sell (2% LP and 2% Marketing). Everything goes back into the project. $HUGO's liquidity is locked! There was a small private sale to fund initial LP and marketing. Otherwise, the team had to buy their own in the open market. $HUGO is a community drive token, but also has a strong team backing. This team is vastly experienced with backgrounds ranging back to 2016, before the introduction of DEX’s. The reason for this project is for the culture/community, the apes, the degen, it’s for us all. No more rugs, tax-farms, shady devs, etc. with $HUGO. As we all know projects are community driven, but rely on funds to keep fueling the token. We have implemented a small 4% tax so we can maintain forward progress and grow the functionality of the project. Rest assured, you guys are in good hands. Come join Hugo on his quest to dominate the crypto meme market. Hugo Honey Badger Doesn't Care, You Shouldn't Either!

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May 23rd 2023


May 18th 2023
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