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🔥 Greetings, everyone! I am the Creator of BURNY, born out of frustration with the MEME community's flaws: massive wallets, exploits, and tokenomics favoring developers. Determined to make a change, I created the fairest and most transparent token in CRYPTO! BURNY V1.0 launched successfully on Pinksale, with 99.5% burned and the contract renounced. Pancakeswap started off strong. However, a burn function oversight after Pinksale caused disappointment when our Coingecko application was refused. But from this setback emerged BURNY V2.0! Built on the fairness and transparency of V1.0, it rewards early investors with an exclusive 1% rewards tax shared among V1.0 holders and New Pinksale investors over 0.2BNB). ​Let's make BURNY the epitome of fair, early opportunities for crypto enthusiasts, regardless of experience. We aim for BURNY to soar to $100 and beyond, but we need everyone to play their part. Tweet, share, like, comment, tag, post, draw—anything BURNY related! Our community is the best marketing tool, and yo

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July 9th 2023


July 4th 2023
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