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GenesisX50 is a A hyper deflationary token built on the bnb smart Chain. (no more tokens will be minted) The token was created with a maximum supply of 1 trillion tokens. This will cause the price of the token to increase, over time as the supply is burned and destroyed and the market cap value increases. Unlike other tokens, that burn through their supply, ours is different and more efficient. Our dev says that most tokens 99% percent of them are not deflationary. but most tokens also tell you that they are deflationary, this happens because the developers and the teams behind them do not understand what that means. on a normal token when you send tokens to the burnt wallet, which is the wallet with all zeros and the word dead at the end. the wallet just becomes a holder of your token it doesn’t affect the token in the market the price doesn’t go up for everyone it’s just you have this special wallet that holds tokens. now the only advantage of this is the burn wallet can never sell those tokens, so it creates a bit of a price blemish, If people start selling that the burning wallet and will continue to grow as transactions take place will always hold and you will see in BscScan, when you look at the list of holders that the address of this wallet where it becomes a holder is what most contracts do and it is not deflationary. This is not the way we believe. Our coin destroys 3% on every buy/sell and simply removes them from the total supply This makes our currency truly deflationary. We will soon launch an nft project and also a platform that will reward our holders with the existing currency. Our team believes in complete transparency with investors The nft project that will be released soon will include 1000 works of art, the price of each nft unit will be 1bnb, after the end of the nft sale we will issue a notice on the networks about a lottery that will take place live on YouTube where $100,000 in bnb coins will be distributed to the winning addresses

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October 16th 2022


October 11th 2022
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