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RECYCLING AI: Transforming Recycling into Rewards RECYCLING AI is blockchain-based platform for converting waste and recyclables into real value — CYCAI token. RECYCLING AI Ecosystem connects people with companies and municipal services, and makes it possible to encourage citizens to exercise care with waste utilization. Current situation: The current waste market operates based on an outdated scheme. Waste in most countries first goes to a landfill, and sorted only afterwards. However, to adequately cope with the large amount of garbage is difficult, and therefore most of it simply stays in the landfill. Landfills take up a lot of space, and contain untold quantities of useful recyclables that could be utilized. - ”We did not invent waste sorting; rather, we will help involve significantly more people in this process.” RECYCLING AI ecosystem Insufficient motivation is the main reason for improper waste disposal. We propose to reward people for every eco-friendly action. Every single piece of sorted garbage — such as discarded bottles, cola cans, or other packaging — will bring several coins to the person's account. You do not need to haul a bunch of metal coins, returned by a plastic bottles recycling automat, in your pocket; instead, simply and easily accumulate CYCAI token in your cryptocurrency account online. These token can be spent via our partners’ network — used as a discount for garbage disposal, electricity bill payment, and/or many other payments or withdraw to all other Blockchain. RECYCLING AI for business Every year, countries spend billions of dollars to resolve ecological disasters. Why not start fighting the cause, instead of the consequences? The platform is designed for any garbage processing plant or municipality, or a company that works with any type of recyclable materials. By collecting waste properly sorted by consumers, the plant no longer needs do so itself, which reduces costs, and also increases the amount of collected recyclables. More resources and lower costs enable factories to grant rewards to people; these rewards are RECYCLING AI token. Why blockchain? There are more than 100 types of recyclables — glass, plastic, metal, tires, wood, and so on. And there are tons of these generated daily. It’s simply impossible for this vast amount of information to be processed on a single server. That's why blockchain is the solution. Each operation is undertaken by the network participant, and we can be assured of its reliability and security.

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September 8th 2023


September 3rd 2023
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