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GameGuru aims to be the first crypto marketplace for eGift cards and digital gaming products. Digital card sales are a multi-billion-dollar industry with massive growth expectation: a turnover of $698.2 billion is expected worldwide in 2024. We have been in the e-gift cards business for nine years as a vendor in various online marketplaces, such as G2A or Eneba, and we have seen the many limitations of the current system. Traditional marketplaces offer overpriced products, fraudulently obtained game keys (Labelled “Grey Marketplaces”) and, in most cases, none-instant delivery due to the high-risk of chargebacks and payment reversals. GameGuru, by relying on its own GGT token (BEP-20) as the only payment method, will be able to provide : Lower prices by waiving the commission of marketplaces such as G2A (6 – 10% discount). The remaining profit margin (7 – 12%) will go to the GGT token holders. Zero-risk products from vetted European wholesale suppliers. Instant goods delivery guaranteed through crypto transactions’ irreversibility and API integration with the suppliers.

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October 24th 2022


October 19th 2022
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