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What is eXtreme Beans? eXtreme Beans is a liquidity based project on the Binance smart chain network. A team of very experienced developers decided to create this token to end liquidity crisis. 99% of tokens trading today have 0% Liquidity leaving investors to trade what's left with zero value. The bsc dream team is here to solve this problem with our unique contract. The contract has many safe functions allowing us to always adapt to the market safely. Key features in our smart contract #1 True autoburn #2 Cooldown prevention of being sniped during trades #3 Ability to set a future rewards for holders in any tokens #4 Last but not least self custody staking if we choose to implement rewards. Come see the difference with us and our unique approach to a serious problem. Audited contract!

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October 17th 2023


October 12th 2023
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