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BNBFrog is the king of beasts. They are the symbol of victory and strength. Powerful and tough.and our $BNBFROG community is the same. $BNBFROG is a decentralized experiment, launched on the March 3, 2023, by the founder, Kek_dev, as a fresh opportunity for those who were struggling in the midst of the biggest bear market since. Born out of trials and tribulation, the $BNBFROG community is the strongest community you'll find, supportive of one another, and pushing each other towards success. We are fed up with the fraud projects in the market! These projects have lowered people's trust, led to suspicion and panic, and finally led to the death of one project after another. No more great projects like Shib can be born! The goal of the birth of BNBfROG is to rebuild the security and trust of the market. Like Shib, Let's complete another 260000 X the task. So we launched a huge number of tokens, destroyed 50%, and launched fairly! Let's start from zero. This is a new social experiment.

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July 10th 2023


July 5th 2023
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