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Good Gary Gensler was the founder of the Intergalactic Crypto Defense League (ICDL) and a champion of crypto. When the ICDL headquarters received an urgent call that the Galactic Banksters and the FUD Spreader were planning to destroy the crypto universe with fear, uncertainty, and doubt, Good Gary knew he had to act fast. With his sidekick Satoshi the Shiba Inu, they set out on their mission to save the crypto world on their spaceship, The Coin Collector. They encountered an asteroid field made up of obsolete physical currency, which they dodged with ease, and upon reaching the enemy base, Good Gary fought with his sword of a Thousand Tokens, incinerating the enemy’s lies with Satoshi’s fiery breath. When he faced the fearsome leader of the Galactic Banksters, he realized that Lord FOMO was nothing but a hologram. He struck his sword into the ground, and a surge of positive energy destroyed the hologram and shattered the FUD. The Galactic Banksters fled, and the crypto world rejoiced. Good Gary knew that there were still realities in the multiverse where cryptocurrencies were under threat, especially from his doppelganger – the Earth Gary Gensler. Good Gary created the $GENSLER Coin, an all-powerful cryptocurrency that was immune to FUD. When Earth Gary summoned a team of bureaucratic banshees to challenge the $GENSLER Coin, Good Gary confronted him, armed with the power of the $GENSLER Coin and the unyielding support of crypto enthusiasts across dimensions. In the ultimate showdown, Good Gary emerged victorious, championing the cause of cryptocurrencies and proving that the true spirit of innovation and decentralization would always triumph.

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April 20th 2023


April 15th 2023
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