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## What Is 420chan ($420CHAN)? 420chan is a decentralized ERC-20 token built to foster a community-centric cryptocurrency experience based on trust and transparency. The network operates on the Ethereum blockchain, aiming to offer a streamlined token with a lean and clean contract structure. $420CHAN is the native utility token with the following uses: * Primarily, it serves as a means of value exchange within the 420chan ecosystem. * In the future, it will transition into a utility token after major Exchange listings has been achieved, as well as a solid community is established. * As the project grows, $420CHAN could be used for governance votes to shape the future direction of the project. 420chan building tools include: * A lean and clean contract that's simple and efficient for trading. * Renounced contract and long-term liquidity pool locked for 420 months to provide stability. * Collaborations with influencers across various tiers to boost the project's reputation and adoption. * A new, more professional website in development. * Listing on different tier exchanges as the volume and Market Cap grows. ## How Many $420CHAN Tokens Are There in Circulation? 420chan launched on June 2023, with a total supply of 420 trillion (420,000,000,000,000) tokens. Two distinct wallets have been allocated, each holding 5% of the token supply, specifically for marketing efforts and exchange listings. This allocation ensures a dedicated resource for project growth, independent of community donations. ### Who Are the Founders of 420chan? 420chan is the brainchild of experienced developers who have previously been a part of substantial crypto projects for over 10 years, some reaching over 1B market cap. Leveraging their rich experience and knowledge, they aim to create a robust, trust-centric community within the crypto space. ### Transparency and Accountability at 420chan 420chan is deeply committed to transparency and accountability. It has allocated two distinct wallets, each holding 5% of the total token supply, for marketing efforts and exchange listings. This measure was taken to ensure the project's growth doesn't rely on community donations, which often lead to dissatisfaction among community members. These wallets are publicly viewable and can be checked at []( ## Where Can I Buy 420chan ($420CHAN ERC-20)? As of now, $420CHAN can be purchased on Uniswap V2. The team also plans to list the token on both DEX and CEX exchanges to ensure wide accessibility. Details about these listings will be shared with the community as and when they are confirmed. [Direct link to buy at Uniswap V2]( For any potential investor, it's crucial to conduct their own due diligence and understand the project before investing. For beginners, CoinMarketCap provides a [helpful guide on crypto]( ## 420chan Social Media and Information Links Twitter: [@420chan_token]( Telegram: [@official_420chan]( Website: []( Resources: []( LP lock: []( Email: []( ## Future Plans of 420chan 420chan aims for organic growth, adding marketing efforts as the holder base and market cap grow. The team is cautious about avoiding a pump and dump scenario. The ultimate goal is to get listed on all tiers of exchanges and eventually transition into a utility token as the project matures. To reach these milestones, 420chan has plans for collaborating with influencers across various tiers. As the project's market cap grows, it intends to gradually engage with higher-tier influencers and ambassadors. Moreover, efforts are underway to build a significant presence on various social media platforms, including Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Discord. Local communities are also being established to enhance user engagement and expansion. In terms of infrastructure development, a new website with a more polished and professional look is underway. There are plans to release 420chan merchandise and roll out exciting partnerships and promotions. While specifics cannot be shared due to competition concerns, these future initiatives underline the commitment to growing the 420chan community. ✌️

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June 21st 2023
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