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BabyDoge CEO Meme project is assembled by some of the core team members of the BabyDoge Token, in co-operation with Doge and BabyDoge community members, hence the name "BabyDoge CEO"; combining the meme spirit with AI powered utility products. This is a project aimed to be totally community driven, as ownership will be renounced and significant amount of power is given to the community to make some key decisions. BABYDOGE CEO is based on Elon Musk's idea as he shills DOGE. The BABYDOGE CEO meme will undoubtedly have the same possibility of success as Shib, Floki, and other memes with the community's backing and Elon Musk's encouragement. BABYDOGE CEO, an exciting meme project greatly supported with useful utility products that will always entice users from all the crypto space. This will reflects positively on the token price significantly. Building a safe project where the community interest comes first, has always been what we do best. we believe in a safe crypto space where millionaires could be made out of strong community support and hard work by all involved.

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March 6th 2023


March 1st 2023
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