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About MatrixGPT šŸ’» MatrixGPT is an AI-powered project that brings your ideas to life through advanced high-quality graphic image creation with Text-to-Image and Image-to-Image. šŸ“± It is a multiple AI application including Text-to-Image, Image-to-Image, Text-to-Speech, Talking Face, and more in the future. Unleash your inner artist with AI to earn šŸ”„ šŸ’Ž WHY $MAI? āœ… TEXT-TO-IMAGE with the state-of-the-art algorithm āœ… In-house developers, DON'T use OpenAI's API āœ… NO team token - NO private sale āœ… MATRIXGPT AI WEB APP Ready āœ… TELEGRAM BOT Ready āœ… LOW TAX: 1% Buy/Sell āœ… CMC Prelist āœ… AUDIT + KYC + SAFU šŸŒŸ BIG PRE and POST launch Marketing plan: big AMA tour, Tier #1 Call channels, Buy bot Ads, CEX listing šŸŒŸ GREAT PERKS for holders: Share Taxes, Share Revenue, Free-to-use AI art generator, AI-powered NFT collection, Private DAO šŸ’š UTILITIES āž”ļø AI MatrixGPT Bot: An AI-powered Text-to-Image, Image-to-Image bot to bring words into visuals WITHOUT artistic skill āž”ļø Text-to-Speech: Transform any written text into a natural-sounding voice, WITHOUT the hassle āž”ļø Talking Face: Generate realistic facial animations and lip-syncs based on your text input āž”ļø Staking: Give the $MAI token staking with a high APR level up to 1000% šŸ’š Tokenomics šŸ· Presale: 50% šŸ· Liquidity: 30% šŸ· Staking: 5% šŸ· CEX listing: 10% šŸ· Marketing: 5% šŸ’š Taxes āœ”ļø 1% Buy Tax: - 0.5% is converted to $BUSD to reward holders daily. - 0.5% is used for Marketing āœ”ļø 1% Sell Tax: - 0.5% is used for Buyback & Burn - 0.5% used for Marketing

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February 16th 2023


February 11th 2023
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