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1000PDF is an innovative educational project that utilizes blockchain technology to connect authors, networkers, and book enthusiasts, promoting productivity and profitability within the crypto ecosystem. The platform aims to democratize knowledge and make it affordable and profitable for everyone. The 1000PDF token, built on BSC and CORE blockchains, serves as the platform's utility token and enables users and team members to earn rewards for their efforts. The token will be used for various functions such as purchasing books, payment on 1000pdf ecosystem, payment of tuition fee for 1000pdf university, 1000pdf wallet and for participating in presales held on 1000pdf launchpad. To maintain a strong tokenomics system, the platform has implemented a taxation system that includes a 1% auto burn, 1% auto yield, 1% liquidity component and no wallet can hold more than 3% of the token at once. This will reduce the overall circulating supply, increasing demand, and rewards users for holding onto their tokens. Additionally, every transaction made on the platform incurs a 3% buy tax and 5% sell tax, with 2% of the BNB generated used for buy- backs to balance prices and reduce the circulating supply. 5% of the supply is allocated towards marketing efforts. The 1000PDF token has a total supply of 70,000,000 and includes ownership renouncement and liquidity will be locked. TOKENOMICS TAXATION 1% Auto Burn Every time you buy or sell on the platform, 1% of that transaction will be burnt off the supply, effectively reducing the overall supply and increasing demand for the token. Additionally, we've added 1% Auto Yield. 1% Auto Yield With this 1% of every transaction will be distributed to holders of 1000pdf token as BNB, providing you with even more rewards for holding onto your tokens. 1% Liquidity Component We understand the importance of liquidity in a token, which is why we have also added a 1% Liquidity component to every transaction. This way, even if a large transaction takes place, the project won't be affected and you can continue to trade with confidence.

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March 9th 2023


March 4th 2023
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