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The market is experiencing very strong growth in quality and technology. Through token-based capital raising, which is comparable to ICOs, start-ups have been able to raise billions of dollars in recent years. The tokenization of all forms of assets, including illiquid markets such as real estate and fine arts is also increasing and will open up entirely new global markets and business areas for investors who previously had limited opportunities, who are now gaining access to these global assets through these digitized processes. Tokenization of Assets will disrupt many industries and unlock trillions of dollars, because it opens not only liquid financial markets to new investors but also illiquid assets like fine art, entertainment or real estate. We do research & development to create innovative products and services based on fintech and blockchain technology and is licensing selected partners to use and distribute these innovations globally .The high level of trust and security is guaranteed by its outstanding USP and performance. ROSE COIN Ecosystem will become the most popular place for digital investments in a coming years. Furthermore, ROSE COIN platform serves as the main liquidity provider due to offering a wide range of liquidity solutions in the crypto market. Its participation will also work as a catalyst and stimulator in the latest trends of the bull market. Due to the entry of newbies in the crypto market, Our aim is to provide a forum that prioritizes users. This platform provides users protection against basic low pool liquidity issues like market manipulation, instability exchange, and time-taking transactions. Moreover, its innovative model is designed for offering the best prices on DeFi and Centralized protocols. Rose Coin mission is to democratize wealth in gaming industry by decentralized it through blockchain. Our gaming concept is based on NFT, Blockchain and VR.

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July 29th 2022


July 24th 2022
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