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"Setter Finance is a protocol for the web3.0 vision of a new better Internet, GameFi and NFT platform. Setter is redefining the true concept of what the semantic Web should be and mirroring these Web3 intentions through its unique DeFi products." The Setter Finance idea of NFT is totally different from how the outside world portrays NFT, while some project are hype made projects, the setter Finance will set a new record on the NFT world by creating unique structures to how NFT should be and how they should be used. The Setter NFTs brings the benefits of Web 3.0 to the gaming industry. The qualities and its advantages varies from person to person and there is a growing need for users to spend more time and money owning their own virtual assets in real world, free from distractions, free from the platform's developers. This is what Setter Finance is trying achieve through its Web3 integrations.

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November 15th 2022


November 10th 2022
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