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BlackSwan AI is a revolutionary trading tool allowing traders like you to profit from all possible eventualities and hedge against potential risks in the crypto markets by analyzing real-time news reports and instantaneously executing trades. BlackSwan AI uses the GPT-3 language model by OpenAI to assess news reports in real-time from numerous sources and determine if user-defined conditions have been met. Allowing traders like you to prepare for any events - bullish or bearish - you anticipate occuring and profit accordingly. Criteria can be as vague or specific as you desire and allow the trader to execute a news-based strategy perfectly optimized for their individual needs. Choose from a number of trading pairs and specify exactly what position size, direction and leverage you desire, BlackSwan AI allows the trader to perfectly customize their strategy according to their risk appetite and overall outlook. BlackSwan AI is the perfect tool for the cautiously optimistic trader who sees a bright future in the markets but wishes to protect themselves against the threat of sudden and destabilizing news markets have become all to accustomsed to since 2022. This is a must-have tool in the arsenal of a smart investor in 2023, allowing you to build positions for the next bull run while hedging and managing risk in the wisest possible way. Sleep soundly and profit with BlackSwan AI.

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April 23rd 2023


April 18th 2023
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