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What is VENOM? Venom is a hyper-deflationary token with unique rewards, true burn mechanics, and a strong community-driven ecosystem. The Viper System V.I.P.E.R. stands for Venom Injections Plus Extra Rewards. Thanks to some of the best developers in the crypto industry, we have designed a highly advanced system that aims to reward and protect our VNM token holders. The system includes unique features to incentivize the community along with a gamification of the tokenomics to add an element of fun for the community at Venom. These features include: - Rewards - Reward Multipliers - Tax Incentives - Holder Protections - True Burn - Venom's Antidote Venom’s Ecosystem Shortly after launch, Venom will roll out the V-dApp. V-dApp staking (The Stake Pit) and V.I.P.E.R. multiplier rewards platform where holders will be able to stake and claim their VNM tokens. The V-dApp allows users to claim rewards and boost reward tiers over time: - Tier 1 (3x Multiplier after 7 days) - Tier 2 (5x Multiplier after 14 days) - Tier 3 (7x Multiplier after 21 days) Our ‘Stake Pit’ will allow for additional benefits for holders as they’ll be able to receive rewards, plus a percentage APY and sliding scale vesting period.

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May 14th 2023


May 9th 2023
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