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1. Introduction Blockhotel is a next-generation social gaming platform built on the Binance Smart Chain, designed to offer a fun and engaging experience to users who share a common interest in cryptocurrencies. The platform allows players to own NFT furniture, decorate rooms, express their creativity, host minigames, chat with others and make friends. With its unique blend of social interaction, gaming, and NFT-based assets, Blockhotel aims to become a leading destination for crypto enthusiasts and gamers alike. 2. Technical Architecture Blockhotel leverages the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for its low transaction fees and robust ecosystem. BSC offers a high-performance and scalable infrastructure, providing a solid foundation for the development and operation of the Blockhotel platform. 3. Tokenomics Blockhotel features its native token Blockhotel [BLOCK] (0x7D1f407766F6fc21ed5A916337F3f30D542e4777), which serves as the primary currency for the platform. The initial token distribution is as follows: 92% for liquidity 3% for reserves 3% for team 2% for investors The token has a 5% tax on transactions: 3% for liquidity 2% for marketing To prevent market manipulation, there is a 2.5% anti-whale limit for holders. The contract does NOT include a blacklisting function. Additionally, VIP levels with various in-game benefits are available to users who hold specific amounts of the token.

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June 4th 2023


May 30th 2023
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