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Kitsune Koins is more than just a cryptocurrency ā€“ it's a journey that fuses tradition and innovation, uniting the captivating world of Kitsune mythology with the limitless potential of blockchain technology. šŸŒŒ Experience the Virtual Kitsune World: Step into an immersive realm inspired by Kitsune spirits, where tradition comes alive through cutting-edge visuals and interactivity. Tokenomics with Purpose: With a total supply of 666,666,666,666,666 KK, our deflationary tokenomics promote scarcity, while 2% rewards holders and 3% ensures liquidity. šŸŒ Decentralized Governance: Every holder has a voice through our community-driven governance model, shaping the direction of Kitsune Koins' future. šŸš€ Fair Launch on DXSale: We believe in equal opportunity, launching transparently on DXSale. The first 100 buyers will receive an exclusive Kitsune NFT! Join us as we bridge cultures and push the boundaries of what crypto can be. Kitsune Koins isn't just a coin ā€“ it's a cultural renaissance powered by technology. Embrace tradition, transform the future. šŸ¦ŠšŸŖ™šŸŒŒ

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September 1st 2023


August 27th 2023
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