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What is EMBER LUMEN? EMBER LUMEN (Ticker: EMBER) is a meme token based off the main character in the movie Elemental by Disney-Pixar. Hot-tempered Ember Lumen, a second-generation immigrant who works as an assistant in her father’s bodega shop. She is a Fire person who emigrated from Fireland, from whence they brought spicy food and rigid cultural traditions of honor and lineage. Ember is questioning whether or not she truly wants to inherit the store or whether her gifts—such as the ability to heat a hot-air balloon and mold glass with her hands—might lead her in another direction.  EMBER LUMEN is in the BSC ecosystem, is community-driven and can not be controlled by anyone. EMBER is a decentralized meme token that leverages blockchain technology to create a unique Meme token that is designed to drive long-term adoption and growth. The platform is powered by the EMBER , which is used to incentivize community engagement and promote a self sustaining ecosystem. Why is EMBER LUMEN unique? EMBER LUMEN (Ticker: EMBER) is a unique and innovative project that combines the power of memes, social media, and blockchain technology. With a strong team, innovative features, and a powerful brand, the team believes that EMBER LUMAN has the potential to become a leading player in the blockchain industry. EMBER LUMEN is surely to catch fire and she promises to burn 1% of every transaction!

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May 30th 2023


May 25th 2023
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