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We have big goals and dreams for One Token, so we're thinking BIG here. ✓YouTube marketing and social media exposure. ✓One Token NFT's. 500 NFTs will be minted, the cost will be 0.2 BNB per NFT. ✓Benefits: Whitelist to future passive income NFTs ( VIP ) - random lotteries of One token prizes discounts on future NFT plays. ✓Buy Back of One Tokens to Treasury thickening ONE token liquidity for all. *Vulcan pairing, Prysm pairing, Kyoto pairing, Grove pairing, etc. We have a Bridge Network being deployed called Any2Any that will allow just about any Network / coin / token to swap to ONE token ✓Work on partnerships with other projects. ✓ONE Token is a deflationary Token on the Binance Smart Chain. ✓ONE Token has a total supply of 1 million tokens and a 1% tax that goes to burning the supply and adding to the liquidity. There are plans to be paired on multiple chains in the near future to help reach a larger number of potential holders.

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April 6th 2023


April 1st 2023
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