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Welcome to Slappy Cat Coin. Our goal is to create a meme coin project that uses AI technology to facilitate people's lives and help animals. Buy tax: 0%, Sell tax: 6% ( reflection 1% Burn %1 marketing and donations 4% ) Slappy Cat Coin is a community-owned token, prioritizing the empowerment and involvement of our community. Our contract will be Renounced after launch. There will be no blacklist implementation or team tokens. The token liquidity will be locked for 1 year. SAFU contract. Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in security and conduct research in AI technology. We have a passionate community dedicated to Slappy Cat Coin, working together for the success of our project. Slappy Cat Coin is a community-driven project that encourages community participation. Community members can contribute to the project's direction and be involved in decision-making processes.

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August 1st 2023


July 27th 2023
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