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Hi everyone! Welcome in the Official Dogwars community chat! Here’s a quick summary for those of you who recently joined the community: We’re working on a Sci-Fi shooter game that we will be releasing on Mobile and PC devices in the near future. The Proof Of Concept (POC) has been completed, but the game development itself has officially not began yet. For more information on this I refer you to the roadmap that is included in the Whitepaper on the website: We are working very hard to get this project launched! You can do your part as well, by spreading the word to your network about us for example! We intend to develop Dogwars into an industry leading game, but to get there we do need your help! Warriors! Share the link of this chat to your network and make no mistake about it… Our movement has only just begun!

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March 9th 2023


March 4th 2023
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