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Our main goal is to solve the problem of free tolling. Everyone who creates quality meme content should not do it for free. Memes are the most popular topic on the internet. It's both brilliant marketing and subtle trolling, and the creators of this content should be rewarded. We want to bring together the best trolls and meme content creators into one large community. Rewards : The Troll token has no transaction or purchase fees! A 10% fee is charged for token sales, which is then distributed as follows: 4% for marketing, the team, and winners of Troll contests. 3% for super-burning, which essentially involves a buyback and burning of these coins. Unlike regular burning (where tokens are simply locked in a dead wallet), they are taken out of the liquidity pool, directly influencing price increase. 3% is distributed among holders, incentivizing long-term investment and eliminating the need for creating staking pools.

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July 27th 2023


July 22nd 2023
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