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What is COMPOUND META! šŸ”„ The first new gen P2E Game with Negative Tax! šŸš€ COMA is a multi-profit ecosystem including Compound interest, Negative tax, P2E Metaverse game, Coin Flip, Swap, Staking, and Wallet on BSC. Why COMA? āœ… SAFU+KYC+Audit -> 100% safe āœ… Negative tax -0.5% + BUSD rewards āœ… NFT Rewards for Presale buyers āœ… P2E Game Beta Test Ready āœ… Swap Testnet Ready āœ… Flip Coin Ready āœ… High APR Staking Ready āœ… Massive marketing āœ… Prelist CMC āœ… Holder-centered Token Flow and Deflation āœ… Mutually profitable ecosystem āœ… Big Influencers lined up for promotion Mutually Profitable Ecosystem includes: ā­ļø COMA Swap ā­ļø COMA Staking ā­ļø P2E AAA Metaverse Game ā­ļø COMA Wallet ā­ļø Coin Flip TOKENOMICS šŸ· Liquidity: 18% šŸ· Presale: 30% šŸ· Reward: 22% šŸ· Marketing: 5% šŸ· Staking: 15% šŸ· CEX: 5% šŸ· Partnership: 5% Taxes āœ”ļø Buy Tax: 1% āœ”ļø Sell Tax: 2% āœ”ļø Negative taxl: -0.5%

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January 5th 2023


December 31st 2022
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