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BitStubs is the first blockchain raffle protocol powered by $STUB and $ETH that is completely decentralized, trustless, and transparent! BitStubs is a decentralized platform that provides an exciting and innovative way to participate in raffles, win NFTs, win Tokens and earn APYs through staking. The platform operates on the Ethereum network and is built with the aim of providing a secure and transparent environment for users to buy and sell raffle tickets, win prizes, and earn rewards. At the heart of the BitStubs ecosystem is the $STUB token, which serves as the primary utility token on the platform. $STUB holders can participate in raffles, earn rewards through staking, and receive exclusive access to certain features and benefits within the BitStubs ecosystem. Additionally, $STUB tokens are deflationary, as 50% of the proceeds from every raffle are burned, making it a valuable asset to hold. Buy $STUB use that $STUB to buy tickets, win raffles with awesome prizes upto 777x returns. ETH, NFTs, Tokens etc The $STUB gets burned and added to staking 50/50. All the reasons to buy and no reason to sell. Secure. BitStubs utilizes Chainlink VRF and Upkeep to ensure that our raffles are truly decentralized and tamper-proof. We also conduct regular security audits to guarantee the integrity of our platform and the fairness of our raffles. Trusted. Our Automated Prize Delivery system, which is backed by Chainlink's decentralized infrastructure, ensures that your winnings are immediately and accurately distributed, leaving no room for error. Dependable. Our NFT prizes are verifiably locked in the contract at the moment of raffle creation, ensuring that your prize is genuine and delivered on time. Trust BitStubs, powered by Chainlink, for a secure and reliable raffle experience. Get ready to take part in a revolutionary raffle experience with BitStubs!

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April 21st 2023


April 16th 2023
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