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What Does SportChain Cover? S-Swap(Private Swap),SWallet,Launchpad,Bet Platform,Ticket Sales Platform,NFTs. The main purpose of SportChain is to unite all sports branches and to have a large ecosystem. SportChain Launchpad SportC holder developers can showcase their projects on the SportChain Launchpad.For this, developers must meet certain conditions and stake a certain amount of SportC.All accepted projects will be able to allocate extra funds from SportChain. S-Swap SportSwap is a privacy-first, cross-chain decentralized exchange where users can swap tokens privately with zero front-running. SportSwap runs on Secret Network, which is the first blockchain with privacy-preserving smart-contracts with high scalability and low fees. Transactions are executed almost instantly, and with privacy combined, front-running is effectively mitigated. Welcome to the future of DeFi. Ticket Sales Platform The Ticket Sales platform is the platform that allows you to be informed about the organizations at the earliest.15% of the amount of SportC spent is burned automatically.In addition, 10 free tickets will be distributed to 10 people at each event. SportChain NFTs SportChain NFTs will be generated for activities to be organized on the application. NFTs gained will increase execution power. However, earned apps cannot be traded. However, earned apps cannot be traded. Only NFTs purchased from the Marketplace within the app are eligible for trade. NFTs will be selected based on the time users spend in the application. SportChain was established to activate the sports ecosystem using the most up to date technologies. SportChain basically covers Launchpad, Wallet, DEX, bet platform, NFTs and Web 3 technologies. ✅ Testnet Active= ✅ Renounced Ownership ✅ KYC ✅ Audit ✅ No Unlock SportC ✅ Major CEX (Top 10) ✅ Binance AMA ✅ Global&Asian Marketing ✅ No Blacklist ✅CoinMarketCap ✅ CoinGecko ✅ TokenPocket ✅ ✅ WatcherGuru ✅ Big prize KOLs competitions

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November 22nd 2022


November 17th 2022
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