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$MiniBNBTiger is a groundbreaking project that harnesses the power of community, meme magic, and cutting-edge technology to create a dynamic and thriving ecosystem. Our vibrant and dedicated community is at the heart of our success, driving us forward as we explore the limitless potential of the crypto space. We're currently developing a staking dApp, which will enable our users to stake their $MiniBNBTiger tokens and earn rewards, further enhancing the value of our ecosystem. To keep the momentum going, we'll be implementing regular burn events, reducing the token supply and boosting the value for our loyal holders. In addition, we're embracing the world of NFTs and are in the process of creating an exclusive collection of $MiniBNBTiger NFTs. This will allow our community members to trade and collect unique digital assets that encapsulate the roaring spirit of $MiniBNBTiger. Join us as we embark on this adventure, fueled by meme power and community strength. Let's roar together! šŸÆšŸš€ OUR ROADMAP Phase 1 Concept Construction/Research Website Building Listing Pancakeswap v2 Community Building Staking DAPP v1 Release Chinese Marketing Campaign Listing on CMC/CGK ā€ Phase 2 3000 Holders Certik Audit Launch the "Ambassadors Campaign" Cooperate and Promote with Partners MiniBNBTiger NFTs Collection Release Listing on CEX Tier 3 ā€ Phase 3 5000 Holders BabyDoge Partnership Listing on CEX Tier 2 2nd Audit by Certik Listing on Top 50 CEXs Will continue... Powered by Lesverse

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May 23rd 2023


May 18th 2023
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