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I. What is PepeBob? - PepeBob is the meme token with the potential for 1000X returns, powered by the recent trend of PEPE in the crypto space. - By leveraging marketing principles and implementing strategic initiatives, we believe that we can achieve these goals and position PepeBob as a leading meme coin within the crypto community. II. PepeBob Attraction βœ… 40X previous project πŸ’» AI-powered Text-to-Image Apps βœ”οΈ Audit + Certik βœ”οΈ CMC/CG Fast Track πŸ”₯ 90% Tokens Burnt before Launch β›” No Team Tokens - No Private Sale β›” Renounce Contract πŸš€ BIG PRE and POST-launch Marketing: AMA tour, CEX listing, Tier #1 Call channels, Partnerships, etc. πŸš€ Pump-Ready Blueprint: Ads, Trendings, etc. 🎁 3% of the buy/sell tax is reflected for holders. III. PepeBob Ecosystem - Text to Image AI Application: Our AI app generates high-quality memes from text prompts, saving creators time and effort while enabling new possibilities for creative expression. - NFT Marketplace: Our NFT marketplace is a user-friendly platform for creators to sell their unique digital assets, including memes, artwork, music, and more, in a fair and transparent way. - Swap: Our DEX lets users easily swap tokens, powered by PepeBob Token for fast and secure transactions, providing ecosystem liquidity. IV. The $PEBO Token 1. Token Info - Token name: PepeBob - Symbol: $PEBO - Total supply: 420.690.000.000.000 $PEBO - Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain 2. Tax: 10% Buy/Sell - 3% Reflection to holders - 4% Marketing - 3% Buyback 3. Token Distribution - Burning: 90% - Presale: 6.7% - Liquidity: 3.3% ❌ No team token Don’t miss this rare gem! Invest in $PEBO today! V. HOLDER BENEFITS - Prosper together: revenue collected from our NFT marketplace will be converted into $USDT and distributed among holders - Daily USDT reward: 3% of Tax is converted into $USDT and distributed among holders daily. - Free unlimited access to apps: Use Text-to-Image AI Apps without paying the subscription fee. - High upside potential: Supported by an experienced marketing team, the previous project has grown 40X. VI. How to Buy $PEBO - Buy $PEBO on our Whitelist Presale on PinkSale - There are only three ways to be whitelisted: >> Option 1: Win giveaways on Crypto Calls and partner influencers' pages. >> Option 2: DM our Whitelist Managers in Telegram to ask nicely for a WL spot. >> Option 3: Join community events such as Active, Shill contests. - Buy $PEBO on PancakeSwap VII. Conclusion We invite you to join us on this journey to the moon and become a part of the PepeBob community today! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our project. Please reach out to us if you have questions or want to get involved. We're excited to hear from you!

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May 10th 2023


May 5th 2023
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