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šŸš€ EarnSphere (ES) is almost ready to moon! šŸ’Ž Dual rewards $ES reflections $USDT distributions... more exciting and complex structure to be delineated later šŸ¤Æ Another surprise is also part of the structure and will send the project and chart into a dynamic turbo mode, including NFT rewards, deflation and LP. Special NFT fund from tax to auto feed the staking pools. Meanwhile G2 NFTs discount is as follows: šŸŸ¢ Buy 5 NFTs, get +1 for free. šŸŸ¢ Buying 10 NFTs gets +2 for free and 0.03% from the total supply as ES airdrop The community will be directly involved in many aspects of the ecosystem, one of which is the Investment Fund (IF): Treasury already started investments in 1BNB worth of BTC, 1BNB worth of BBX (DeFi, BUSD income), 1BNB worth of VOC Colonizer (DeFi, BUSD income) šŸ’Ŗ šŸ’Ž

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October 13th 2023


October 8th 2023
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