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šŸ”„ Welcome to Kibo Inu $KIBO šŸ”„ Ethereum's first fully automated GambleFi Lottery Based Token built directly into the tokenomics with a winner every 3 hours! Let the excitement ensue as Kibo Inu represents a novel merging of traditional lottery systems and modern blockchain technology. This fusion can attract both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and those interested in traditional lotteries, leading to a broader user base. šŸ’² Lottery Winner Automatically Picked Every 3 Hours! šŸ’² Every Buy Will Give You 1 Lottery Ticket! šŸ’² Booster Hour - Every Buy Gives You 2 Lottery Tickets! šŸ’² 80% Of Lottery Wallet Paid To Winner! šŸ’² 20% Rolled Over To Next Jackpot! Each drawing takes place over a 3 hour window! - The first 2 hours of that window, 1 buy will give you 1 lottery ticket. During the 3rd hour, 1 buy will give you 2 lottery tickets. - Each lottery ticket is automatically attached to the wallet you use to buy. There is no minimum dollar amount and no limit on how many buys / tickets you can make. - When the 3rd hour is up, a winner will automatically be selected and ETH will automatically get sent to your wallet. - You just hold to win. If you don't hold, your ticket won't even be an option to be drawn as the winner. - Of the 5% total tax, 2% tax collected to fill the lottery contract for the winners. This is held in a contract, not a wallet that the team controls, for even more safety. - The winner of each drawing will get 80% of what is in the lottery prize pool while the remaining 20% will be rolled over into the next pool for an ever increasing jackpot! All of this is hardcoded into the contract for your safety! No need to connect to any bots, dApps, or 3rd party sites! Just buy and hold each round for your chance at the jackpot!

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September 19th 2023


September 14th 2023
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