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Matt Furie, the creator of the famous cartoon Boy's Club and the iconic Pepe the Frog, has inspired the $FURIE token on Ethereum. Pepe became the top-performing memecoin in 2023, leading to similar projects for other Boy's Club characters like Andy and Brett. $FURIE aims to create the biggest memecoin DAO, supporting artists and generating profit for members. The DAO will: - Airdrop 10% of the supply to Matt Furie's personal wallet - Establish a Memecoin Treasury to support emerging projects. - Foster a community of artists, graphic designers, and developers. - Use Ethereum to raise liquidity and eventually expand cross-chain. - Fund a donation wallet to support art charities globally and Furie himself. It's Furie's world we're just living in it.

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July 9th 2024


July 10th 2024
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