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The $MEMEMEME$ Token Basically, it has been proven several times that many together can make a big difference and a few can move a lot in today's financial flows. Whether here the icons from the beginning of the "greed is good" time as gordon Gecko or The Wolf of Wallstreet already proved in the 80s. The dot com bubble in the late 90's which also had many winners, or the bursting of the real estate bubble in 2008 (mainly in favor of the banks) It was always about the big money... Now buoyed by Wallstreetbets, never stopping the crypto boom and the wonderful world of unlimited Internet with its inexhaustible possibilities, the time has come to write history again! Do you have the ambition to get rich or even richer than now? It's simple, it's all about the introduction of this short passage... Again, to remember... It has been proven many times! As others have already noticed, with a small investment and the right time you can earn a lot of money with 1000X. What is your decision? What do you prefer? Did you just overdraw your account? GOOD. Take the wallet and start buying. Does your landlord want to kick you out? GOOD. Take the wallet and start buying. Does your girlfriend think you're a fucking useless loser? GOOD. Take the wallet and start buying.

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October 6th 2023


October 1st 2023
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