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HOLD JUDGE TORRES, EARN XRP. High Utility Token for Telegram Game, Marketing and Trading Bots 10% XRP REFLECTIONS EVERY 60 MINS! The first token with 10% reflection and the only one with an auto-claim feature that pays holders every 1 Hour on the Binance Smart Chain. Just HOLD JUDGE TORRES tokens in your wallet and you will get automatic XRP. JUDGE TORRES from now on ($JAT) is a decentralized token created and thought by holders, it works as an independent liquidity generation protocol and frictionless autonomous yield farming. The Judge Torres token is is an innovative XRP reflection token built on the Binance blockchain that uses exchange fees directly as a reward for all JUDGE TORRES token holders just by holding it in their wallets. It functions as both a standalone liquidity generation protocol and a frictionless autonomous yield farm. The JUDGE TORRES token is the first project with the highest benefit for holders successfully launched on the binance smart chain, which has unique features of daily XRP rewards for holders for having the token stored in their wallets. With the innovative JUDGE TORRES project, a constant market volume will be guaranteed so that holders can receive their passive XRP earnings without doing anything. Simply hold JUDGE TORRES to earn 10% XRP, x100 token in the long run, from every buy and sell, automatically every 1 Hour. JUST FAIR LAUNCH:

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October 6th 2023


October 1st 2023
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