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$ARCHIE – is the first token to be deployed in our All New ArchieChain – wher PoS and L1 Blockchain come together for Archie MetaVerse. Archie Chain is a decentralized L1 Blockchain platform that mainly focusing on Low Fees, Safety, Speed and Scalability. Own Blockchain with IBPT PoS consensus and EVM compatibility to integrate, ArchieScan (Explorer), ArchieSwap (DEX), ArchieVault (Multi-Chain DashBoard), Archie Agrgegator (Multi-Cross-Chain DEX), Archie 3FA Walelt, Archie Market Place, ArcVue, Archie Staking, Archie P-2-E. Archie e-Commerce, Archie Realty… to name a few. A complete Eco-Csystem bulit under one umbrells Archie Alliance. ✅Audit/Doxx/Safu/Kyc with asure defi 🚀 1000x with utilities LAUNCHED alredy 🦎CG & CMC Ⓜ️Fast Track 👀 BiTMART listing Soon 📌 5/5 Buy & Sell Taxes ✅ AVEDEX, DEXTOOL, BSC Trending ✅ Liq 🔒 10 yr ✅ Big Calls Marketing ✅ Low MC ✅ Based team ✅ 24 Hr VC. ✅ More Exchange listing ( L bank, MEXC, to follow Website: www White paper:

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May 25th 2023


May 20th 2023
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