Pepe the Hedgefrog

Pepe the Hedgefrog

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pepe was born with a special power, he was smugger than all his classmates in the beta academy. he serverd in the beta academy fighting chad thundercock and in the final battle against chad they were fighting and chad stole rare pepe and pepe turned against wojack and poopoo'd on him. he lost part of his ear in the battle which is why he doesn't not have a part of his ear, pls stop PMing askin me why that's why. also earings arent gurly fuck you khaoskid663 everyone knos your a rare pepe stealing fagot likes: poo poo, pee pee, being smug, neetlyfe, bet- alyfe, good feels, autismbux, hatred (the game) ,cuckolding ppl, chicken tendies, wojack (sometimes) /r9k/ (infinity one not the gay one) dislikes: niceness. happines, cucks, reddit, wag- you pieces of shit, normafags, bad feels, 2013, buying games, my dad, sports

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August 18th 2023


August 13th 2023
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