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MrPotato is based on a nostalgic meme character that inspired a generation as a Toy and then generation X as a movie character, now the popular meme is breaking into the Crypto space. Doxxed & KYC Team with 6 -10 years of experience have developed the MrPotatoNFT token ecosystem concept over 12 months. The Smart contract is developed including DEX, P2P swap Game, SuperRare NFT Marketplace managed by Smart contract factory, ERC721 NFT Staking and ERC20 Token Staking. The MetaPotato Gamefi rewards MrPotatoNFT holders by airdropping MetaPotato MetaParts every day. The $MrPotato token has a fair launch on the Ethereum blockchain. The Smart Contract is audited and Renounced. The core Team have 2.5% of the tokens which are locked for 6 months, Liquidity is Locked for 12 months. Join the community and Farm the Potato Harvest.

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May 31st 2023


May 26th 2023
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